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SEO You Can Identify

The best SEO is the one you do yourself. The worst SEO is the one you don’t really know what you are paying for. Too many people we talk to pay for “SEO” which sounds great – but they cannot tell us what are they getting except for an invoice. Here is the middle way. Simple SEO you can wrap your head around.
(This is for small business but Yes we do Corporate scoped SEO – Let’s talk.)

$75 per month
Offer For Our existing Web Site Customers

First and foremost SEO means creating unique and plentiful text and image content on your website. With your keywords. That is how and why search engines find you, many people are busy “optimising” SEO but not producing content which is like fine tuning a car without fuel. There is no way to create a successful website without ongoing text expansion. So we skip the fancy part and get to work creating content.

On Site SEO - set up

On Site SEO - maintained

The Real SEO - content creation