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Business Website Development and Expectation Management

Having a business website online does not equal immediate business. A website is a long term investment. Yes you can kick start your website and your business with heavy investment into advertising for example google ads and many do just this. This approach requires a clear concept to evaluate advertising dollars for return in revenue. Talk to us today about evaluating the return on investment for your product and how to take an aggressive advertising strategy while minimising investment risks and evaluating your ads campaing at the right point.

You can take the less costly approach and build up your website by way of traditional SEO investment. This approach will lead to success but not over night. A google ads campaign buys you an immediate click and visitor while your SEO DIY campaign takes months to bear fruit. Expect Your website in full swing 2 years into getting started with your consistent SEO efforts.

Talk to us about options on how we can help your business website succeed with a tailored SEO package.

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