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Business Website Spam Management

Is Your business Website suffering from excessive spam creation? At Webdesign for Business we recommend to display a contact form on your website but not your email address. While you can receive spam through the form submission function, displaying your email address on the website directly may lead to being included in many mailing lists resulting in a lot of spam coming directly to your email and no longer through the website itself.

As to the online form solutions we use for our business website customers they equip us with a growing number of applications to manage spam. There are automated spam filters we put in place excluding the very obvious spam submissions. Then there are the honeypot solutions in place tricking robot submissions into filling in an invisible field no visitor ever would – and blocks the submission. A very effective method.

In the end what remains are manual submissions made in your forms. We cannot block those as these would negate the form function for any real enquiries to come in. You will still be receiving spam, but at a much reduced level.

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