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Hide Your Website Login Page

Most attempts to break into websites are initiated by software trying to exploit weak spots in your security. One of the simplest low tech approaches to secure your website from malicious attacks is to hide the wordpress login page, to change the URL link where password and username is to be entered. The WordPress standard specified pages are /wp-admin and /wp-login and it is these URL endings which present a vulnerability.

Look at it this way – the robot looking for the standard website login page URL’s will not find your login page if you have customized the URL. Sometimes simple approaches prove to be most efficient. Of course this does not prevent your website from being hacked, however if your login page is never found to make hacking attempts – well, the rest is history. We find hiding the login page URL to be one of the most effective defensive website tools availalbe to protect your business website.

At Webdesign4business we make it our standard practice to rename the login url of all our website customers. A simple way we can add to our range of standard security measures taken

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