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Hijacked Business Websites

One of the most annoying and stubborn malware infections of business websites are redirect website hijacks. Basically a piece of code is injected into your wordpress website and your domain starts getting redirected to another destination, more often than not a foreign porn site or the like. For anyone who has built up a google rating on a particular domain or invested in google ads campaigning this kind of malware has devasting financial effects.

Most insidious of that malware is that it identifies IP addresses of those who look at it most often – being the owner who runs the particular business website. Based on that the malware allows to see the owner the original website while redirecting it for everybody else leaving the website owner in blissful ignorance of the problem for much longer.

At Webdesign for Buisness we can help you rescue your website from redirect malware an where needed rebuild your web presence anew. Contact us if you have a website hijacking emergency and ask us about recovery options.

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