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How to Make Money with Your Business Website

A professionally looking website can give your business a profile beyond its size and represent your aspirations for growth. For many, an online representation with functions for customer interaction and representation is all that is needed. We create many websites for well established businesses which really only need a business website to look the part and represent themselves professionally.

However – if your goal is to make money with your business website, you need to have a clear concept of how to achieve this – and you need to be willing to invest in advertising. Having a website is not the same as being found in search engines, does not automatically result in sales. At Webdesign For Business we are happy to consult you on your way to creating a money making website.

Your website ideally has a high value proposal. Your product or service. The higher the sales conversion value is to your business – the more room there is for investing in an online advertising strategy. The long and hard working path to success is the blog and self promote your website, create a blog entry every day, keep adding unique content to your website, keep adding your key words. However this avenue is long and cruel and discourages many start up sole traders. If this is your path, set your expectation at 1-2 years to success.

Which leads back to – how to do it faster? The answer is to do the SEO work but also invest in an ongoing google ads campaign. We can manage this for you – or you can run your own. It will only take 2 months to establish clear return on investment figures. Once you understand that investing $X will lead to turnover $Y – you can scale your advertising investment for faster growth and increased return.

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