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I am a Sole Trader. How should I use Social Media?

One size does not fit all when it comes to Social Media. Small business owners or Sole Traders often ask us how to use Social Media platforms. The bottom line is that You should use Social Media matching your existing Social Media habits. How have you used Social Media so far, prior to starting your Business? If you are a regular user of Social Media and are part of a thriving community with many followers – defintiely apply your Social Media skills towards promoting your business website and to reach new customers and to leverage your existing followership.

Ideally you take your posting habits to your website blog primarily. Start all Social Media communications on your website first – design your post and publish it on the website which brings content to your domain and over time helps increase your search engine ranking. From there – copy the website blog post URL and move on to your favourite Social Media and post the link together with your article creating back links to your website. You want to promote your business website more than facebook, so back link to full articles on your website.

Many Social Media offer the option of creating a business page which will help promote your product and your business website. Keep posting regularly, with at least 2 posts per week.

If however, you have never used Social Media before, it may not be the right choice to get started now. Of course if you are serious about getting started – by all means go for it, your business website will profit. If however you have not used Social Media before chances are you will not regularly use it going forward. It is better to have no facebook page than presenting with a half abandoned facebook page to which you may not reply should you get an enquiry because it is not wihtin your communication concept. We recommend you do not open communiation channels like Social Media you will not be able to tend to every day.

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