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I need help creating my Keyword Concept for my Business Website

With all of our webdesign packages a keyword concept creation is included. The approach we take is that we first create your website by working with yourself. Once we have a clear picture of your business proposition online, one of our keyword specialists reviews the draft website and identifies the right key words based on the content we have established on your new business website.

Once we have identified the right keywords for your approach we will discuss the keyword concept with you and develop a strategy for content creation going forward. You yourself are encouraged to support the keyword definition process by asking yourself simple questions like – what is it that your customer will search for on google to find your business website? What words would you enter into google hoping to find the service or products you offer on your website? With these simple questions in mind we can cristallize the needed concept

Yes we have tools to evaluate the keywords identified and to put them into a competitive context for you. However we suggest you evaluate keywords internally with your own value proposition in mind rather than with a view to how particular keywords are ranked by a third party. After all – your business needs to perfectly represent the chosen keywords to make your concept work.

Once we at Webdesign for business have identified and documented the right keyword strategy working with you, we go back over your exisiting website content and we implement the keywords across all areas of writing on your website. This provides a starting basis for growing your keyword relevance. Going forward thereafter we suggest the continued use of the identified keywords strategically placed in all your posts and content additions to your business website.

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