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Integrated Payment Gateways for Business Websites

It has never been easier and there have never been more choices and options to integrate payment gateways into your business website. Not only is the number of serious players in online payment systems on the rise but the available integration and service options are on the rise. Matching our business website customers with the right solution for their needs helps us adavance functionality and usability of your website.

There is basically no limit to the integration options. Some of the use case scenarios we like to consider:

  • Payment systems for online store solutions
  • Payment systems for subscription services with recurring payment and subscription management including payment reminders and automated collection
  • Payment systems handling stock management, assuring stock levels are up to date and maintained across your website, your physical store location and your payment handling system in real time

Some but not all of the payment systems we recommend are square for complex payment and subscription services, paypal and stripe for online stores – at Webdesign For Business we will evaluate your exact need, advise you on the best payment solution availabe for your business website and in many cases we directly help our customers to implement them.

Did you know that e-commerce solutions on our websites only need to log into your payment solution once to establish the needed connection? If you have us set up your payment account with your website, we always recommend changing the password afterwards. The connection remains and your financial account is secured. against third party access.

In Addition to the various competing payment systems available additional value add payment gateways are available. In recent years the buy now, pay later payment systems have secured an increasing market share on e-commerce platforms. As with all other payment systems, we recommend offering them but not making them exclusive. Always provide your clients with alternative options to choose from to suit their particular circumstances. Ask us at Webdesign For Business to help you review the best payment gateways for your new website.