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Service Terms and Conditions for
Website Master Login

Our General Terms and Conditions can be found here.

This page outlies the terms and conditions associated with receiving a master login to your website. If you have been sent this link, you are a customer of WEBDESIGN 4 BUSINESS and you have one of our fully managed websites. This means that we do all changes for you, all amendments and updates are inclusive of your contract with us. We provide a full service and we hold the master login to the websites we look after. This is the way we operate and it is how we keep your website secure.

There are however circumstances where some of our clients prefer a master login to their website. This fundamentally changes how we work together for we can no longer take full responsibility for the integrity of your website as we are no longer the only entity with access to your website. Whoever has a master login with a few clicks can delete your entire website or implement solutions leading to mid / long term security issues and website failure.

In order for us to issue you with a master website login, please complete the form below. Your details and your IP address will be recorded and remain on our records indefinitely.

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