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The Three Levels of Website Security

Everybody knows you have to keep your computer secure, keep your phone secure. Businesses spend record amounts of $$ on IT infrastructure security and it is perfectly obvious why. Still, when it comes to business websites often security concerns are secondary or even completely neglected. At Webdesign For Business we regularly rescue or rebuild business websites which were not kept secure. It is easy for a small business owner or sole trader to forget about website security, especially if running your own website. However when the worst case scenario occurs, suddenly all focus is on website security. At Webdesign For Business we maintain a consistent standard of website security across all of our customer projects and we actively monitor all websites we service.

Level One – Login Security

  • The Login Page of your wordpress installation should be placed on a custom URL so robot attacks will not find the standard wordpress defined URL login link
  • The Login security of your wordpress business website should include a captcha solution, we recommend V3 Google captcha available for free for all domains
  • The Login security of your wordpress website ideally includes a 2FA login process

Level Two – Website Defense

  • Your wordpress installation should be accompanied by a suite of security plugins and measures to mitigate malicious attacks on your website
  • Your wordpress forms should be accompanied by a captcha solution, anti spam measures and a honey pot solution
  • Your wordpress business website should be regularly and automatically scanned for virus and malware and the results of these scans need to be monitored

Level Three – Managing Plugins to avoid backdoor entry of malware

With all the above security measures in place, the installed plugins on your business website remain the largest source for potential problems with malware and virus attacks. The plugins in use are patches of software. They need to be updated regularly to continue to maintain safety standards. If plugins on your website are no longer updated by their author, they need to be replaced with active plugins before they become a serious security risk to your website.

You will be pleased to hear that any website you can buy through Webdesign For Business is managed with a full security concept. And if all three levels of security described above fail – we have a full backup of your website ready to redeploy should your website fail.

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