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Website Design Process – Creating Your new Business Website

When you get started with Webdesign for Business with your new website we will first ask you all about your vision for your website. We will try to establish

  • Your goals for the website
  • Define / collect text and photographic content for your website
  • Understand or create your corporate identity you either have or the website helps define

Once we have an idea of where you are at we will get started and develop a first draft website. Some of our clients will provide us wiht colour codes and exact layout requirements, brand guides and photographic materials and we will work to their specifications. There is no layout we cannot create for your business website.

Other clients just want us to have a go. We gain a general impression and gather a basic colour concept and off we go. We use some of the worlds larges royalty free image libraries so if you have no photographic input, we will provide professional looking, suitable photographic materials to support the creation of your business website.

At Webdesign for Business we often find it simplest to create a layout starter for your website which then directs our development discussion. Once we have a first draft up and running, it informs our conversation and we will develop the look and layout until you are completely satisfied.