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Why Managed Business Website Subscriptions

A lot of business website offerings focus on creating your website and leave you with fundamental questions in relation to running your website. Hosting? Maintenance? Security? We find that a lot of webdesigners focus on the design part which they love being creative and then the website owner is on their own trying to navigate the website lifespan updating, keeping it alive – often ending up with unexpected extra costs to run their business website.

At Webdesign for Business we look at your website differently. You are not buying a website from us, you are buying a service. This is why you pay an up front build fee when your website gets created – and thereafter you pay a small ongoing monthly fee. You will not be confronted with an out of support scenario nor unexpected costs for our small monthly recurring business website subscription fees cover everything you need – we maintain, we upgrade security an plugins and replace old plugins which may present a security risk. We backup and we clean up without your noticing, keeping your website ship shape like the day we launched it for you.

At Webdesign for Business many of our clients have come into our service after experiencing a website breakdown due to lack of ongoing maintenance and support.

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