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Keeping Your Business Website Secure

At Webdesign for Business we uniquely specialise in working with WordPress. WordPress is today for websites what Microsoft is to computers in terms of its place in the hirachy. Latest figures show that over 30% of all top business websites use WordPress as its preferred platform. With such massive adoption comes security exposure. Just like most hackers will focus on microsoft products, wordpress has become a similar sized target and this circumstance requires our attention.

This is no reason at all to abandon WordPress after all the advantages are overwhelming. The value wordpress can bring to your business website both in terms of functionality and keeping overall business website production costs at a low level are simply phenomenal. Therefore we deal with the security aspects.

At Webdesign for Business we implement a full suite of security measures from login protection, spam filtering, malware protection, regular virus and malware scanning, google captcha solutions, multi factor authentication and much more – all to keep your mind at ease that your website is being kept safe.