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Did you know that some 30% of the top 1 million websites on the internet in 2023 have been built using wordpress? Long gone are the days where wordpress was for the few and for the DIY enthusiasts. WordPress has grown up to become the prime choice of website solutions for business across the globe. From Small to large business requirements wordpress today is unrivalled in its ability to enable business with functional website solutions.

At Webdesign4business wordpress is all we use. We do react to customer wishes to manage website in specific solutions, but our native choice is always wordpress, it allows us to create fully customised Business Website solutions adapting to our clients specific needs and circumstances. With an active repository or roughly 50,000 plugins the funtionalities which can be applied to your business website without having to go into from scratch solution coding is incredible. There is not much which cannot be done at the activation point of the right choice of plugin.

Creating the perfect Business Website Layout

Gone are the days of restrictive themes or templates. While the templates themselves become more and more flexible in their approach at Webdesign For Business we choose to work with Elementor for WordPress completely eliminating the use of and the inherent layout restrictions which come with a choice of template. Because of this completely unrestricted approach we can design any look and feel our business website customer chooses. Our clients can expect to send us a proof from their graphic designer or corporate identity manager and see your brand 100% implemented online. The only restriction to our clients desire are related to assuring full resolution compatibility across multiple device sizes.

Creating a secure Business Website Environment

Websites are under constant attack, make no mistake. Not a day passes without attempts at bypassing your business websites security features. It is of paramount importance to implement as secure a business website environment as is reasonably possible, even for small business and sole traders. Nothing is worse than finding your website hacked and or your domain name redirected.

At webdesign4business we run a full scope of standard defense mechanisms on all of our wordpress business websites. There are a large range of available plugins addressing security needs from website form spamming, to user verification, google captcha, 2FA security, backup security, login page masking to anti malware and anti virus software. We maintain a choice of our own internal best practice suite of security plugins allowing us to maintain the highest standard of safety for all our business websites. It is important for any business to invest into a secure website preserving both customer and company interests and protecting businesses from malicious attacks. Ask us today about your specific Business Website safety concerns.

Bringing Functionality to your Business Website

Functionality is where things get exciting. We slowly see an awakening of the business community to the possibilities in terms of functionalities todays wordpress based business websites can offer. Many webdesign companies can create good looking websites – but you need a real development partner to capture and implement process functionality which integrates with your business workflows. Is your business website reducing the workload of your staff? If not, ask us how a business website can automate your customer interaction.

Integrating Your Advertising Campaign

Your business website is part of your overall advertising strategy and needs to integrate with the rest of your approach. Whatever the solution(s) in use for your business we can advance integration of your advertising with your website, to enable complete advertising strategies, to fit into existing advertising approaches or to develop a new approach for you alltogether. WordPress websites will easily integrate with any one of the major advertising solutions and customer management tools available.

Enabling Social Media Marketing

WordPress business websites easily and seemlessly integrate your social media marketing efforts with your business website. If you are running your own social media campaigns, we will equip your business website with a full fledged blog, the original core element of wordpress. And social media posts made, we recommend should lead back to the according full article published on your website. Build your blog repository, build your generic website traffic dipping into the work you are already doing creating content on facebook or instagram. Publishing your original content first and foremost on your own website enables you social media marketing into another area of effectiveness. Build your business website in line wit your social media presence and double the effectiveness of your work. Ask us how to best achieve social media integration with your website – or ask us about the options we offer to run social media campaigns for business.

WordPress Business Webdesign specialist in Bundaberg Region

We are building for tomorrow using wordpress in the Bundaberg region. With 20+ years experience in the industry webdesign4business is your regional partner to deliver capable and effective business webdesign solutions for your business. Let us know today what your business website needs to achieve in 2023 to compete in the Bundaberg local market as well as on the Australia wide and international markets. We we have clients all around Australia but we love to support local business and appreciate being able to meet you face to face.

What is WordPress and how does it work

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that allows users to create and manage websites. It is open-source software, which means that it is free to use and can be modified by anyone. WordPress is based on a template system, which means that users can choose from pre-designed templates or create their own to give their website a unique look and feel.

WordPress is built on a PHP and MySQL platform, and it runs on a web server. This means that users need to have a domain name and a web hosting account to use WordPress. Once they have these, they can install WordPress on their server and start creating their website.

Once WordPress is installed, users can access the backend, also known as the dashboard, where they can create and manage their website. The dashboard is easy to use, and it allows users to add and edit pages, posts, and media. Users can also install and activate different plugins, which are small software programs that add functionality to the website. Examples of plugins include contact forms, image sliders, and SEO optimization tools.

Themes are another important aspect of WordPress. A theme is a pre-designed template that determines the overall look and feel of a website. There are thousands of free and paid themes available, and users can easily install and activate them from the backend. They can also customize the theme to make it unique.

In addition to creating and managing the website, users can also use WordPress to manage their website’s content. Users can write and publish posts, which are articles or updates that are displayed on the website. They can also add images, videos, and other media to their posts. Posts can be organized into categories and tags, which makes it easy for users to find and manage their content.

WordPress also has built-in support for comments, which allows visitors to leave comments on posts. Users can moderate comments, approve or disapprove them, and reply to them. This feature is useful for creating a community around the website.

One of the benefits of using WordPress is that it is search engine friendly. WordPress is written in clean, valid code, and it has built-in support for SEO best practices. This means that it is easy for search engines to index and rank WordPress websites.

Another benefit of WordPress is its large community. There are thousands of developers and users who contribute to the development of WordPress and create tutorials, documentation, and support forums. This makes it easy for users to find help when they need it.

Overall, WordPress is a powerful and flexible content management system that makes it easy for users to create and manage websites. It is open-source, easy to use, and has a large community of users and developers. With the help of WordPress, anyone can create a website without the need of knowing coding and without spending much money.

At Web Design For Business we specialize in wordpress solutions for a wide range of business websites. Whatever our clients needs, we build it using wordpress, without functionality or layout restrictions of any kind.

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